Horus Software launches new features for the accountant


Horus Software launches new features for the accountant

With the redesigned Horus Office program, the startup wants to give accountants and fiduciaries even more time to do activities with real added value.

Horus Software, the Belgian startup that has developed an accounting software and application based on artificial intelligence, today announced new and improved features in Horus Office, its innovative solution for accountants and fiduciaries. The accounting profession is undergoing a digital transformation. With these product innovations, Horus wants to be even more in tune with today’s accounting challenges.  

Horus Software was founded in 2018. Accounting pioneer Philippe Tailleur (ex-CEO of Sage) and his two sons had noticed that the accounting industry was struggling to dust itself off and keep up with digital transformation. Many accountants were still working with IT systems that had not been updated for more than 15 years. Horus Software therefore launched Horus Office, an accounting software that integrates artificial intelligence. The AI, for example, automatically scans invoices and allocates the different elements to the right accounting item. 

A renewed platform

Since the launch of the first version of Horus Office about four years ago, Horus has constantly worked on new and improved features to meet today’s accounting challenges. The startup also organises regular feedback sessions with its community of over 1,500 accountants and fiduciaries. Based on last year’s customer feedback, Horus is now launching the new version of Horus Office, with a focus on ease of use and efficiency. 

Thanks to one of its user surveys, the startup was able to better understand which data are priorities for accountants and fiduciaries today. Based on this observation, Horus has completely reworked its dashboard with new data on VAT, accounting deadlines, etc. The company has also redesigned the ergonomics of its programme by improving the user experience, notably through shortcuts, a new interactive design and even easier navigation. 

In addition to user-friendliness, Horus also adds new in-depth features. One of the most requested functions was the possibility to prepare annual accounts in the format required by the National Bank of Belgium. From now on, it is possible to sign the annual accounts in Horus Office and to file them automatically online. 

New connections

To make the exchange of information as simple as possible, Horus Software also announces new connections with various financial partners, such as Stripe, B-Pay and CaseWare. The startup is also working on new partnerships with UCM, Mollie and Paypal. These links allow, among other things, that the accounting documents of the various parties are automatically recognised in Horus Office. 

Through these links and the new functionalities, Horus aims to give accountants and fiduciaries the time to do activities with real added value, such as customer advice. Benjamin Tailleur, Product Manager at Horus Software, adds: “We have built a complete solution for the accountant. We can now focus on new features such as work optimisation. Eventually, we also want to market innovative products for the business management of small and medium-sized companies.”

About Horus

Horus Software, founded in 2016, is a Belgian startup that puts IT accounting in a new light. The fast-growing startup has developed two solutions for the Belgian and Luxembourg markets: Horus Office, an accounting software for fiduciaries and accountants, and Falco, a financial app for entrepreneurs and business managers.

The software is based on artificial intelligence and behavioural analysis and allows for real-time monitoring of the accountancy. This results in a 40% time saving for accountants and fiduciaries. Thanks to AI, Horus has won over 3 million minutes, or more than 6,250 working days.

Horus is led by Philippe Tailleur (CEO) and his two sons, Benjamin and Jérôme Tailleur (Product Manager and Sales Development Manager) and currently employs around 15 people. It has a recurring turnover of 1.2 million euros.

For more information: https://horussoftware.be