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Press relations

PR boost awareness, brand recognition, and sales. They are the most (cost-)effective way to make your company known in Belgium.

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Whether you’re a startup or an established company, you can reach the right decision makers with effective PR.

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Native communications

Natives do business with natives. Grow your company in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels with a local PR partner.

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Founded by Rodrigue Delépine, Comiti is a native (FR/NL), Brussels-based public relations consultancy specialized in IT, Tech and startup PR.

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B2B Press Relations

PR is about knowing who you are and translating your B2B story into an interesting perspective for the press. Whether it is for a daily newspaper or a specialized vertical, everything starts with quality content.

Corporate positioning

Step down from top-down communications and start listening to the market. Grow your company by understanding your ideal customer and his behaviour. Know how you are perceived by your customer base and how you should adapt to it.

Expertise in Tech and IT

From Artificial Intelligence to hybrid cloud, over cybersecurity and managed services, understanding the complex IT landscape is crucial to delivering the right messages to the specialized IT and Tech press.

Startup growth

Doing PR is one of the most (cost-)effective ways to quickly reach wider audiences and gain trust from the market. Whether it is to launch a new product or service, or simply to drive more awareness around your growing company, external communications are a must in every startup’s marketing strategy. Your startup growth story can be tomorrow’s headline.

Native communications

Natives do business with natives, even more so in Belgium. Go for a local, multilingual partner (French and Dutch) who understands the cultural differences and can communicate your message in the other linguistic community.

Crisis PR

When things go down, you need to be able to rely on an experienced partner to guide you through the rough seas. Crisis communications are all about careful planning and earning trust from your stakeholders.