Data scale-up Agilytic launches new offering for data-driven SMEs

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Data scale-up Agilytic launches new offering for data-driven SMEs

Data science consultancy launches data engineering division and offering to help SMEs get more value from data projects

Data, analytics and AI projects are enjoying unprecedented popularity. Belgian SMEs are also jumping on the data bandwagon and using big data to optimise business processes. However, they often run into difficult-to-scale projects and outdated systems. That is why data cale-up Agilytic is launching a data engineering branch and offering to help SMEs get more value out of data projects.

The lost POC

Every data project starts with a business idea validated by data scientists in a Proof of Concept (POC). Unfortunately, many projects get stuck in that testing phase. One reason is that data scientists often lack the right skills to turn a prototype into a scalable project.

This is why the data engineering profession is gaining popularity today. Data engineers approach data projects from a more practical angle. For example, they look at how a (cloud) platform can be used efficiently to scale up a project quickly or how manual, repetitive tasks can be automated to make data teams work more efficiently.

Out of the sandbox

A well-managed and scalable data platform is essential to the success of any data-driven SME. With its new data engineering arm and offering, Agilytic aims to help enterprises set up projects that are robust, cost-effective and future-proof. This ranges from HR data storage for AI projects, to document automation, to dashboards and infrastructure.

Gautier Radermecker Data Engineering Manager at Agilytic: “With the rise of AI, there is an increasing demand for robust and reliable data solutions. At Agilytic, we also want to effectively take AI projects out of the sandbox and scale them up, without losing sight of costs. Agilytic has about 30 employees, most of whom are data scientists today. By the end of 2024, we want to have built a team of about 10 data engineers.”

About Agilytic

Since 2015, Agilytic has been helping organisations achieve their goals through smarter use of data. The company builds bridges between data and effective decisions. Agilytic relies on a team of 30 entrepreneurial data experts for an annual turnover of 3 million euros.

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