Serial entrepreneurs launch sales start-up Dealside

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Serial entrepreneurs launch sales start-up Dealside

Dealside consolidates sales data to awaken sleeping deals

Serial entrepreneurs Lorenz Bogaert and Nicolas Van Eenaeme (founders of Netlog, Twoo, Delta and Realo) and Nicolas Christiaen (founder of Cashforce), join forces and launch a new sales start-up, Dealside. Dealside is developing an AI assistant that helps B2B sales professionals with smart insights and a proactive follow-up. The copilot is fully integrated with existing tools, such as HubSpot or Salesforce.

Dealside is the latest project from Belgian venture building studio StarApps. After an initial round of positive market feedback, interested parties can now sign up to an early access list to be the first to get access to the beta version of the copilot.

70% sleeping deals

Up to 70% of all potential sales leads in a pipeline are sleeping or slumbering. Often, the salesperson has lost track of these prospects or simply does not have time to correctly follow up on all of them. Thanks to Dealside’s AI assistant, sales professionals will now be prepared for every customer contact. The next steps of a sales deal will for instance be determined automatically, and sales professionals will receive support in executing each step on time.

International ambitions

Three experienced entrepreneurs from Belgium lead Dealside. Nicolas Christiaen, CEO, founded Cashforce, a global FinTech, which he sold to the German corporate payments platform TIS in 2022. Xander Berkein, CTO, was Team Lead at Tech unicorn Deliverect. Lander T’Kindt, CPO, was previously active within venture building studio StarApps itself, where he validated multiple venture ideas and supported portfolio companies such as Realo and Introw to grow.

Nicolas Christiaen, CEO of Dealside: “Due to the multitude of tasks and information, many sales professionals often cannot see the forest for the trees in their sales pipeline. With Dealside, we are building an AI assistant, integrated into existing sales tools, that will make the sales process much simpler and more manageable. Our ambitions are lofty. In addition to Europe, we plan to expand our presence to the UK and the US in the near future. ”

Lorenz Bogaert, CEO of StarApps: “Dealside has an exceptionally strong founding team. We are particularly proud of the feedback we received from the first customers. Sleeping deals are a problem we face in all our B2B companies. You’re always more engaged when you’re solving a problem that you’re personally experiencing.”

Interested parties can register on the early access list via the following link and be the first to access the beta version of the AI assistant. Dealside will announce new features soon.

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