Agilytic crosses the symbolic 150 data projects milestone


Belgian data consultancy Agilytic crosses the symbolic 150 data projects milestone

The data company from Terhulpen now has more than 20 employees. And is recruiting more.

Agilytic saw the light of the day in 2015. Founders Julien Theys and Christophe Robyns, both previously active in tech and telecom, wanted to build a bridge between data and the boardroom. Often companies look to internal and external data as the first solution to their potential challenges. However, that data must first and foremost serve the organization’s objectives. 

That is why the Terhulpen-based analytics boutique resolutely plays the business card, with technology being secondary to the result. Partly thanks to this no-nonsense approach, Agilytic reached the milestone of more than 150 projects in May this year, a new milestone in the growth story of the ambitious company.

From marketing performance to employee prevention

The 150 projects are as diverse as the 70 customers for whom they were executed. For a retailer, Agilytic optimised the Marketing and Sales efficiency through clever segmentation and machine learning models. For a financial institution, they improved customer loyalty while improving the profitability of the retention activities.

For a large financial services company, they used the internal data to identify and anticipate employee turnover faster. The company also worked with non-profit organisations to calculate the optimal routes for home care services. Recently, the data ​​consultancy has also been turning its sights abroad, with new assignments in Germany, France, and Luxembourg, among others. 

Steady growth

From the outset, Agilytic opted for linear growth on its own capital. Since its foundation, the company has seen a double digit growth in turnover year on year, topping out above 1.5 million euros in 2021. This year, the company hopes to push itself even further and jump above the 2 million mark. To reach those goals, Agilytic is counting on its 20 employees, most of whom are data scientists. Agilytic data scientists are profiles that easily make the link between the IT side and the business side. A highly sought-after profile on the job market.

“We stand out thanks to the talent we hire. With sustained recruitment efforts (approximately 10 new colleagues per year from 2021 onwards), we were able to further solidify our place as a trusted data consultancy in Belgium. Reaching the milestone of 150 projects is validation  that our straightforward approach pays off. We want to grow as the leading independent consultancy company that builds the bridge between business on the one hand and data analytics on the other. To realise this, we are always looking for talented and entrepreneurial people, in various roles”, says Julien Theys, Managing Partner at Agilytic. 

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About Agilytic

Since 2015, Agilytic helps organizations achieve their goals through smarter use of data. The company builds bridges between data and effective decisions. Agilytic ​​relies on a team of over 20 ​​entrepreneurial data experts for an annual turnover of over 1.5 million euros.