Belgian scale-up Localimus launches smart fridges for the workplace



Belgian scale-up Localimus launches smart fridges for the workplace

The connected fridges complement the digital company restaurant offering proposed by the Belgian scale-up

Localimus, the scale-up that developed the concept of a digital company restaurant allowing employees to order lunches from local caterers, is now extending its offer through the connected fridge for the workplace.

Thanks to RFID* technology, the products purchased are automatically scanned. The amount is directly credited on the Localimus online account. The fridges will mainly offer local and short circuit products.

Today, many companies offer their employees lunchtime solutions in the form of a company restaurant (physical or digital) offering food to eat in or take away. However, when it comes to snacks or snacks outside of the lunch break, companies often don’t offer solutions.

To fill this gap, Localimus is now launching the smart fridge for the workplace to complement its existing delivery offer, allowing employees to order food from local caterers. The workplace is becoming increasingly flexible, and Localimus wants to respond with a varied and comprehensive 24-hour offer. The fridges will be filled on a regular basis and will offer local and short-circuit products (yoghurts, salads, small courses etc.) in line with the sustainable development principles adopted by the scale-up.

Complete offer

With this launch, Localimus wants to further meet the growing demand for healthy meals available 24/7. The scale-up sees the smart fridges as the perfect complement to its digital company restaurant concept. Where delivery via the digital company restaurant allows for a more varied choice, the fridges offer a catering solution that is available at any time to meet last-minute needs. By combining delivery and connected fridges, employees can, for example, place a lunchtime order for their favourite dish with their local caterer, and then get a snack from the fridge next to the coffee machine.

Morgan Vanderelst, Founder of Localimus: “We are seeing a significant increase in businesses contributing to the attractiveness of the workplace. Meeting the catering needs of employees is a major issue for well-being at work. With our integrated offer, we can propose the best of both worlds: healthy variety and 24/7 availability. In addition, by working with caterers, our clients continue to favour local trade. The carbon footprint of this approach is up to 2 times smaller than a traditional canteen.”

In addition to the digital company restaurant and smart fridges, Localimus now also offers the live cooking option. The caterers carry out part of the food preparation process in the workshop and then come to the workplace to cook and finalise the food.

*RFID technology

The fridges are equipped with the latest Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Thanks to smart labels connected to the radio frequency, the system automatically recognises the food products. Employees do not have to scan the selected products. Payment is made in real time to the Localimus account.

About Localimus

Localimus is a young, fast-growing Belgian company that has developed a digital company restaurant. This innovative solution allows companies to offer their employees fast, complete and varied catering. Localimus takes care of the entire process of corporate catering, including the administrative follow-up, from ordering to payment, including the management of caterers and the organisation of menus.

Advocating local, varied and sustainable catering, Localimus brings companies closer to local caterers. Founded in 2013, the Belgian start-up has grown by 120% per year and now has more than 100 clients among the largest companies. For more information: