SWINZ, the all-in-one insurance, enters the Belgian market

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SWINZ, the all-in-one insurance for millennials and Gen Z, enters the Belgian market

Together with AXA Belgium, Europ Assistance and Euromex, the Belgian startup aims to simplify the insurance sector and make it accessible to all.

The insurance sector has recently welcomed a new player. Together with AXA Belgium, Europ Assistance Belgium and Euromex, Belgian startup SWINZ is launching an all-in-one insurance for millennials and Gen Z. A unique formula in Belgium.

Making insurance simple

Belgium has around 1.85 million inhabitants aged between 25 and 35. A first job, renting a first place, travelling… Of the young generations, some 400,000 are looking for an insurance solution that better suits their dreams and ambitions. This is why SWINZ wants to make the insurance sector simple and accessible to all, so that new generations can fulfil their dreams with peace of mind.

1 € per day

SWINZ offers an all-in-one insurance that covers the most important needs in the life of the millenial and Gen Z: renter, civil liability, travel and assistance, legal assistance, soft mobility and BOB. The startup is launching three basic packages for singles, couples and families in the form of a monthly subscription. That subscription costs between €29 and €35, depending on family composition. You can therefore take out insurance with SWINZ from less than €1 per day.

New flexibility

Most insurance today is taken out through a broker. SWINZ wants to bring the best of the physical and digital worlds together in one handy, phygital app. In this way, the startup wants to reach out to the digital generations, as well as offer brokers a handy tool to bridge the gap to a younger audience.

In just a few minutes, a broker can issue a SWINZ policy, or a customer can do the same and be insured immediately. Taking out insurance with SWINZ is always done together with an insurance broker. Customers can also easily adjust or cancel their basic package in a few clicks. This flexibility is new in the insurance world.

Every person leaving the parental home is responsible for their risks and insurance. Unfortunately, many young adults are not sufficiently aware of the hazards in everyday life, for example, as a tenant, travelling or relocating. SWINZ is an insurance developed with young people and for young people. So they can pursue their ambitions during the day and sleep on their two ears at night,” says Didier Muréna, CEO of SWINZ.

2 million euros raised

SWINZ was founded in 2022 by Didier Muréna, Kim Lauwers and Lorenzo del Marmol. The SWINZ team represents more than half a century of experience in the insurance industry. The startup already raised EUR 2 million in 2 different investment rounds from private partners. For its insurance guarantees, SWINZ has established close partnerships with AXA Belgium, Europ Assistance Belgium and Euromex.

SWINZ is available from today. The package with 6 basic covers costs €29 per month for a single person, €32 for a couple, and €35 for a family.


SWINZ is the all-in-one insurance for the millenial and Gen Z renter. The startup, founded in 2022, brings together digital generations and brokers in a convenient, fygital app. SWINZ counts AXA Belgium, Europ Assistance and Euromex as key partners. The company raised EUR 2 million from private investors.

At SWINZ, the package with six basic covers costs €29 per month for a single person, €32 for a couple, and €35 for a family.

For more information: https://www.swinz.be/

Published on De Tijd and La Libre Eco.