Smart charging, but no digital meter yet? From now on, you can with the Easee Equalizer Amp

Smart charging, but no digital meter yet? From now on, you can with the Easee Equalizer Amp

Thanks to the Equalizer Amp, Belgian households can now charge their cars cheaply on solar or wind energy

Easee, leader in electric charging, is launching the Equalizer Amp, an intelligent digital meter for charging your car with renewable energy sources. Belgian households and small businesses that do not (yet) have a digital meter* can now use the Equalizer Amp to intelligently distribute power between home and car.

Works like a charm

Easee’s Equalizer Amp comes in one package together with the Easee Equalizer, the intelligent power distributor launched in Belgium last year. Once – simply – linked, a whole host of new data needed to distribute energy intelligently between home and car is made available.

With the combination of the Equalizer and the new Easee Equalizer Amp, it is now possible to dynamically charge the car via solar or wind energy – even if you do not yet have a digital meter at home. Thanks to the Solar Charging function in the app, you always make the most of the sunny summer months.

Affordable energy

For now, Europe has some 165GW of solar panels. According to SolarPower Europe, that number will double by 2030. Recent months have shown that Europe’s energy market can be fragile. That is why more and more consumers are looking at sustainable alternatives. Technology often has to keep up in a hurry. Moreover, the new solutions, such as some digital meters, are often still very expensive.

To meet European consumers’ demand for affordable energy, Easee is therefore launching the Equalizer Amp. Thanks to its Plug&Play system, the intelligent power meter can be easily connected to the included Equalizer and car charger in a matter of minutes. This saves users expensive installation costs.

Moreover, the Dynamic Load Balancing feature ensures that the charger charges the car at times when power is cheapest or generated from renewable energy sources. In addition, the available power is always optimally distributed and used. Is the dishwasher running and the oven on? Then temporarily less energy goes to the car. If all appliances are switched off at night, the car is recharged at full power.

“This is exactly what we are doing it all for; using and distributing the available energy smartly, making the switch to EVs more accessible for everyone. Belgian users can now get the most out of their charging systems, in a sustainable way. Charging via solar energy is a big step towards a greener future, which we at Easee are committed to every day “, says Alfred Kuijer, Country Director Benelux of Easee.

The Easee Equalizer Amp comes with the Easee Equalizer by default. The package is now available in Belgium at a suggested retail price of €320 excluding VAT.

* The digital meter, which measures your electricity or gas consumption, is mandatory in the EU. For more information, see this link. The Easee Equalizer Amp is not a replacement for the digital meter.

About easee

Easee was founded in January 2018 by three Norwegian entrepreneurs with the ambition to create the world’s smartest charger for electric vehicles. Today, the company continues to develop innovative solutions in charging technology and energy management, with an ecosystem that offers users an experience from A to Z.

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