Digital invoicing: 1/3 SME sends invoices by post


Mandatory digital invoicing in 2026: one SME in three still sends invoices by post

One SME in three prepares its invoices in Word

Digital invoicing survey: more than one Belgian SME in three (36%) still sends its invoices by post, whether or not in combination with an e-mail or accounting software. Also notable: another one in three small- to medium-sized companies prepares its invoices in Word (37%). When it comes to digital invoicing, Flanders does slightly better than Brussels and Wallonia: only one in four (27%) SMEs still sends their invoices by post.

These remarkable trends come from a new study by research firm iVox commissioned by Horus Software, the Belgian startup that has developed an accounting software and app with Artificial Intelligence. The survey polled Belgian SME business leaders about their accounting habits.

33 hours

Accounting is a powerful tool to monitor and analyse the financial health of the business. However, 39% of business owners today still see it as an expense. Another 18% consider it completely useless. Another striking figure: Belgian SMEs spend on average some 33 hours a month on administrative tasks for bookkeeping.

“Keeping accounts does indeed cost time and money, but it also allows you to gain valuable insights about your business. Especially in times of economic uncertainty, it is good to be extra on top of things. It is therefore striking to note from the survey that almost one business leader in five (19%) does not understand his cash flow,” said Gunther Slaets, Sales Director at Horus Software.

Role of the accountant

The accountant therefore has a special role to play in supporting and advising the manager. However, only one manager in two (49%) says he gets financial advice from his accountant. The majority of accountants (86%) focus primarily on the VAT return.

“This is incredibly unfortunate. From our research, we see that six business leaders in 10 (59%) interact with their accountant less than four times a year. They prefer to look up important information on the internet, the newspaper or LinkedIn. Often, accountants do not have time. By freeing up time via a digital app, for example, they can start focusing more on activities with real added value, such as guidance and advice,” concludes Gunther Slaets.

About the study

The survey about digital invoicing was conducted by iVox on behalf of Horus Software among 452 Belgian SMEs up to 250 employees in May 2023.

About Horus Software

Founded in 2018, Horus Software is a Belgian startup that is revolutionising IT accounting. The fast-growing startup has developed two solutions for the Belgian and Luxembourg market: Horus Office, an accounting software for fiduciaries and accountants, and Falco, a financial application for entrepreneurs and business managers.

Based on Artificial Intelligence and behavioural analysis, its software allows to follow the accounting in real time. This saves up to 40% of time for accountants and fiduciaries. Thanks to AI, Horus has saved more than 7 million minutes, or more than 15,000 working days.

Horus is managed by Philippe Tailleur (CEO) and his two sons, Benjamin and Jérôme Tailleur (COO and Sales Director) and currently has a staff of 15 and a recurring turnover of 2 million euros.

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