Bitvavo welcomes LiteBit customers

Bitvavo welcomes LiteBit customers

LiteBit customers can transfer their digital assets to Bitvavo easily and for free

Dutch cryptobroker LiteBit announced this week that it is ceasing operations. In partnership with the platform, Bitvavo is now giving LiteBit’s customers the opportunity to transfer their crypto assets to its own exchange easily and for free.

Bitvavo, the largest crypto trading platform in Belgium, announced its intention to acquire the customer base of Dutch cryptobroker LiteBit in partnership with the latter. This announcement comes after it was announced earlier this week that LiteBit is ceasing operations. The transition of LiteBit customers to Bitvavo will soon be assessed by the Dutch Consumer & Market Authority (ACM). Following this, LiteBit customers will be actively informed and fully supported during the (possible) process of switching.

Arthur van Lier, COO of LiteBit, commented, “After careful consideration and weighing all options, LiteBit has decided to cease operations and offer all customers the option to switch to Bitvavo, the largest and most highly regarded crypto exchange in the Benelux region. Bitvavo offers a user-friendly platform, low transaction costs, solid exchange functionality and operations that comply with all applicable laws and regulations.”

Mark Nuvelstijn, CEO of Bitvavo, said: “Welcoming LiteBit customers is part of Bitvavo’s growth strategy, just as we have welcomed Bitzeb and Bitqist customers in the past, on our route to European market leadership.”

Stable growth strategy

Already more than 1 million users, most of them in the Benelux, rely on Bitvavo’s services. The crypto platform hopes to welcome as many LiteBit customers as possible to continue its stable growth and continuous inflow of new customers. Following the ACM’s approval, LiteBit customers will have the option to transfer their digital assets and balances to Bitvavo for free and easily. As such, they will not have to sell their currencies.

About Bitvavo

Bitvavo was launched in 2018 in Amsterdam, with the aim of making digital currencies accessible. An ambitious, development-focused team is constantly working to improve and expand the Bitvavo platform. Bitvavo is a user-friendly and reliable trading platform for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano.

With over 1 million Dutch-speaking users, Bitvavo is the largest platform in the Benelux for buying, selling and storing over 180 different crypto currencies. Bitvavo is registered as a digital currency exchange with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).