Belgian accounting startup Horus reaches milestone of 10.000 customer files


Belgian accounting startup Horus reaches milestone of 10.000 customer files

Thanks to AI, 3 million minutes were won, or 6.250 working days

Horus, the Belgian startup that has developed an accounting software and app based on Artificial Intelligence, reached the milestone of 10,000 customer files in November this year. The launch in March of Falco, the new app for self-employed entrepreneurs, accelerated the company’s growth. 

Horus recently registered more than 10,000 accounting files on its platform. These 10,000 files are managed by the 4,000 active users Horus has in Belgium today. The startup developed two products for the Belgian market: Horus Office, an accounting software for accountants and fiduciaries, and Falco, a comprehensive financial app for entrepreneurs and company managers. 

Horus has seen strong growth in the mobile app over the past year. “The economy goes up and down during this pandemic. More than ever, entrepreneurs need a real-time financial overview of their business. With Falco, we give them a clear view of their finances and a direct line with their accountant to make quick decisions,” explains Benjamin Tailleur, Product Manager at Horus. 

3 million minutes won 

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence in the software and app, invoices and financial documents can be scanned and processed automatically. Since the startup’s inception, the AI has scanned no fewer than 3 million invoices. Assuming an average processing time of 1 minute per invoice, this equates to 3 million minutes, 50,000 hours or 6,250 working days. Earlier research by Horus found that, by automating manual tasks, up to 40% of the accountant’s time could be won.

“We want to give accountants the time back to focus on activities with real added value, such as financial advice,” explains Benjamin Tailleur. “Today, more than half of self-employed entrepreneurs starting their business are under 35 years old, while 43% of accountants are over 50 years old. The sector urgently needs to digitise.”

Future plans

And this digitalisation is doing the company no harm: in 2021 Horus will reach a turnover of one million euros, doubling the previous year’s figure. The startup can even present an annual recurring turnover of 1.2 million euros. To support its growth, Horus is looking for 5 new employees in the short term, including web developers and commercial profiles.  

About Horus

Horus Software, founded in 2016, is a Belgian start-up that puts IT accounting in a new light. The fast-growing startup has developed two solutions for the Belgian and Luxembourg markets: Horus Office, an accounting software for fiduciaries and accountants, and Falco, a financial app for entrepreneurs and business managers. 

The software is based on artificial intelligence and behavioural analysis and allows for real-time monitoring of the accountancy. This results in a 40% time saving for accountants and fiduciaries. Thanks to AI, Horus has won over 3 million minutes, or more than 6,250 working days. 

Horus is led by Philippe Tailleur (CEO) and his two sons, Benjamin and Jérôme Tailleur (Product Manager and Sales Development Manager) and currently employs around 15 people. It has a recurring turnover of 1.2 million euros. 

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